Committed to Helping Your Child!

When you want the best for your child, it’s great to have an advocate. SLRS will help you find help for your child when appropriate. You will not be alone in looking for the very best for your child.

Dyslexia Blocks

Questions I Can Help You Answer:

  • Why isn’t my child improving?
  • Why is my child so far behind?
  • What is my child’s reading level?
  • How can I help my child at home?
  • How can I help my child at school?
  • How far behind is my child in reading?
  • How do I select reading material for my child?
  • What educational materials can help my child?
  • What special reading needs does my child have?
  • Should I talk to my child’s teacher about my concerns?

Every 50 minute session
is followed by a 10
minute consultation. This time is set aside to answer questions, provide suggestions and
make decisions about your
child's reading improvement plan.

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