A Tailored Approach to Match Your Child's Needs...

South Lyon Reading Success strives to match the student with the most appropriate instructional method. Your child will be evaluated by an experienced reading specialist and will have a plan created specifically for them. Some of the research based approaches we utilize are listed below.

Orton Gillingham Phonics:

  • Multisensory Phonics and Word Study
  • Taught by a Highly Trained Orton Gillingham Instructor
  • The Gold Standard for Children with Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities
  • Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI):

    • Systematically Designed
    • Builds upon Knowledge of Language, Words and How Words Work
    • Ideal for Children Who are Finding Reading and Writing Difficult
    • Designed to Bring Children to Grade Level Achievement in Reading
    • Taught by an Instructor with Comprehensive LLI Training

    Guided Reading and Writing:

    • Accelerates Growth and Provides Enrichment
    • Accelerates Growth and Provides Enrichment
    • Builds a Strong Foundation for Lifelong Learning
    • Positions Readers and Writers for Academic Success
    • Taught by an Experienced Teacher Trained in Guided Reading
    • Common Core Aligned

    Middle School Mastery:

    • Provides Direct, Concise, Structured Writing Instruction for High School Bound Learners
    • Sets Forth a Clear, Systematic Approach for Improving Reading Comprehension
    • Simplifies Challenging Grammar Concepts Making Them Understandable and Applicable
    • Builds Editing Skills Through a Sequential, No-nonsense and Practical Approach
    • Coaches Learners Out of Cycles of Failure and Defeat
    • Presents Sensible and Effective Study Strategies to Improve Test Performance
    • Positions Readers and Writers for Academic Success


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