South Lyon Reading Success Reviews

Mrs. Clark is an educator that consistently goes above and beyond. In order to achieve academic success, a teacher must develop relationships with each of his/her students. Mrs. Clark is exceptional at doing this which is why her students make such pronounced academic growth and why she is loved not only by the students she sees on a daily basis, but also by the other students who don't have the opportunity to work with her. Mrs. Clark will not just tutor your child for a specified amount of time each week, she will flood you with resources to ensure continued growth in between sessions. She has worked with students in every grade level and has a passion for individualizing instruction. I cannot recommend South Lyon Reading Success enough. South Lyon Reading Success is such a treat to the community, I hope you take advantage of it! You will be amazed at what your child can do with the guidance of Mrs. Clark!!!

Rachel W. (Parent and Educator)

I was an assistant teacher to Alisa for nearly a decade in Elementary Sunday School. I was always impressed by the creative lessons she developed. Her ability to capture and keep the attention of kids is amazing. She is a leader who the children are naturally drawn to. I must admit that even I felt like a student in the room and learned so much from her that has stuck with me over the years.

Robin Dixon (Children's Ministry Volunteer Crossroads Community Church)

Alisa Clark is one of the most enthusiastic, hard working teachers that I have ever worked with. She gives her all, and then some, to our students. She is very passionate about education. This is quite evident in our students' educational and social growth.

Ms. Muzik
HPS Teacher

I have had the privilege of watching Alisa work with children for over a decade in a variety of settings including tutoring. Quite simply, she is outstanding. She has that incredible teacher gift of knowing how to keep things fun while maintaining respect and order AND accomplishing great things with her students. She has truly been a gift to our church family and I'm sure she will be a gift to your family as well.

Joe Muzzi,
Lead Pastor Crossroads Community Church